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lauren's journal

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Hi, my name's Lauren, and I make graphics.
Those graphics are posted at colloaquialle.
I use twitter to stalk follow my favourite supercar drivers and comedians. It annoys me when robots follow me and ask if they can do my homework.
Speaking of V8 Supercar drivers, don't let the banner fool you, I'm a Ford girl through and through (although, I do have a soft spot for some of the Holden boys).
I'm terrible at maintaining friendships. Sorry =S

general interests; snow skiing, making graphics, v8 supercars, tv shows, reading, comedy
tv shows; the big bang theory, bones, chuck, dollhouse, eli stone, glee, good news week, gossip girl, the gruen transfer, how i met your mother, lie to me, legend of the seeker, lost, merlin, the mentalist, packed to the rafters, private practice, pushing daisies, reaper, the office, talkin' 'bout your generation, true blood